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Is Your Minibus T-Charge Compliant

Daily £10 charge on top of what drivers already pay to enter the Congestion Charge Zone if your vehicle does not comply

Copyright Transport for London

Minibus owners and operators including Schools, Academies, Colleges and Universities should be preparing for the introduction of an Emissions Surcharge, known as the ‘T-Charge,’ in central London which aims to discourage the use of older, more polluting vehicles.

The charge, which is an additional daily £10 charge on top of what drivers will already pay to enter the Congestion Charge Zone, comes into effect from 23 October 2017, and applies to petrol and diesel vehicles which fall below the Euro 4 emission standard.

Euro 4 stipulates that vehicles must emit no more than 0.08g/km of NOx for petrol vehicles or 0.25g/km for diesel to achieve the standard. This will essentially mean that cars, vans, minibuses, buses, coaches and HGVs built prior to 2005 will be subject to a charge of more than £20 per day to enter the centre of London. 9+ seater vehicles that are currently registered for a discount or are exempt from paying the charge will need to meet the required emissions standards or pay the T-Charge. Transport for London has estimated that as many as 8,850 vehicles will be subject to the charge every day.

Vehicle owners can use a specially created online vehicle compliance checker, on the TfL website to establish whether their vehicle is affected by the T-Charge and get advice on what action, if any, they need to take. All new Red Kite minibuses use the new Euro 6 engine and are fully compliant with current regulations.

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