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Changes to Driving in the EU, Post Brexit

Driving in the EU after Brexit

Many organisations will need to be aware that with Britain due to leave the EU, there will be changes to the permissions granted to drive abroad after 29th March 2019. As a leading supplier of school and specialist minibuses, Red Kite feel it is important to understand these significant changes, should the situation arise for overseas driving.

The EU protocol currently in force allows us to drive in EEA countries without restrictions to licencing or insurance. The EU Commissioners have agreed in principle to replicate the current system, but this will only be confirmed as part of the wider exit arrangement, not in the short term. If there is no transition agreement with the remaining 27 territories on 29th March, then changes will most likely apply.


These changes are listed below:

  • Licencing – anyone driving abroad will need an International Driving Permit which is purchased via the Post Office and there is a specific form to be completed and a fee to be paid.  It is advised to get a form as soon as possible, due to current demand.  You can check overseas requirements here
  • Insurance – It may be necessary to obtain a Green Card that is proof that the appropriate insurance is held for the vehicle in use.  Anyone who travels in Europe after March 29th or who might straddle that date need to apply for a Green Card as early as possible.  Some Insurers may charge – but demand may well be very high and many insurers will not have automated systems in place to issue these (this must be a physical document on the correct green paper or they are unlikely to be accepted at border crossings) so there may be delays.
  • Commercial Vehicle & Trailer Registration – you will need to register vehicles and trailers used for the haulage of goods in and across EU territories – there is some good guidance for hauliers at the RHA site
  • Passports – it is wise to renew passports that have less than six-months to expiry as this may cause difficulties in some territories.

Our dedicated team at Red Kite minibus are always happy to offer advice and guidance on the use of our vehicles and we hope this has been informative for any future overseas travel, should you be buying or leasing from us or currently use one our minibuses.

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