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Latest in Dash Cam Technology

For Your New or Existing Minibus

With the ever increasing fear of litigation just around the corner, many organisations are turning to the latest in-vehicle camera recording technology. Having fully researched and developed a system that meets your individual requirements, Red Kite offer a fully supported supply and installation service.

Red kite HD Dash Camera

This includes:

• Full HD High level Monitoring Camera to keep an eye on the road ahead.
• Rear Internal Dome Cameras for added driver and rear seat occupant safety.
• Secure hard drive video storage of all external/internal events.
• Option for real time remote viewing.
• Fully fixed tamper proof equipment.
• GPS tracking.
• Wireless downloads and customised alerts.
• Wireless compatibility with multiple devices.
• Fully Encrypted Software.

All of these and many other high tech systems now on offer, can now be installed when purchasing your new minibus or retrofitted to your current minibus by our own Red Kite Technicians at our premises or at your site location at a time convenient for you, travel charges will apply for onsite fitting.

• TrackEye Dash Cam only £499 + VAT Fully Fitted
• Additional internal dome camera £249 + VAT Fully Fitted

The latest technology offers:

• The safety of occupants in real time with live video (additional internal dome required).
• Internal Dome
• Camera
• Internal Dome
• Camera
• Reduces repair costs from vandalism and helps identify the driver in the event of an accident.
• Fully fitted 128GB card.

For more information on how to ensure complete protection for your vehicle and passengers with the new TrackEye fully compliant Dash Cam and Internal Dome, please contact: Daniel Bryant on 01202 091614 or

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