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Bg Diesel Engine Service Pack


The service kit consists of the 3 products designed to make your vehicle run smoothly and efficiently and can help reduce issues with your dpf as a course of  preventative maintenance. 

Included in the kit is a fuel conditioner. This is not to be confused with cheap ones available on the market. The one provided in the kit is a high concentrate and very powerful at removing deposits on injectors and other areas that suffer from carbon and soot.  

There is also an engine cleaning flush to be added before your oil change. This helps remove deposits of carbon from around the piston rings and other areas of the engine that cannot be reached normally. In doing this it helps retain the correct compression in the combustion cylinder and this in turn helps the engine run at its most efficient. 

The final product is an oil additive. This is an amazing product that stops soot deposits binding to the oil. It therefore keeps the oil at its best for longer and lets it do the job of protecting your engine. 

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