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A question many organisations are currently contemplating in this rapidly changing economic climate. Since 1982 Red Kite have been at the forefront of designing, manufacturing and servicing minibuses throughout Great Britain, so with over 37 years’ experience within the industry, are well placed to answer the question.

February 2019 will see the leading vehicle manufacturers increasing their UK minibus prices. After recent negotiations with all the major minibus manufacturers, we now have confirmation of talk of yet further increase scheduled within the coming 12 months, plus a strong indication that customer delivery times will see a significant increase because of general changes within the industry (currently 2-4 weeks from date of order for a brand new minibus).

For buyers this will mean a substantial difference in price and delivery times compared with 2018. This is before we even mention Brexit, no Brexit or no deal Brexit. So back to the original question ‘Is now the best time to order my new School Minibus’, yes it is!

We are therefore advising schools, now contemplating a minibus purchase, of the substantial money saving to their organisation by ordering now. Alternatively for those minibus users currently with minibus contracts ending within the next 12 months, contacting Red Kite at the earliest opportunity to discuss the various options available, to avoid the predicted price increases and any possible disruption with delivery issues.

If you would like to discuss the issues raised, talk through your minibus requirements then just call the team on 01202 827678 or email

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